Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Happily Ever After

It's a little after midnight, and I'm still up....mainly because I didn't wake up til almost one...anyways I'm sitting here with a glass of Chenin Blanc, wearing my cozy green robe, and listening to Dario Marianelli (the guy who composed the piece at the beginning of Pride and Prejudice) (this is the song, entitled "Dawn") and reflecting on love.  Lately I've been on this kick where I can't seem to get enough of historical romance novel, romance movies, and pretty much anything super sappy, lol, well except for wedding I have had my share of weddings for a while.  I was invited to 5 this past year, and made it 4 of them.  Any who...So one of my favorite holidays and probably one of the most hated holidays is near. Yes I'm talking about Valentines' Day and while most single people feel like this....
I always feel pretty much like some combination between a kid in a candy store and a cartoon character whose heart is beating out their chest

I truly love Valentines' day and yes it' partly because of the cute stuff but No I'm not one of those girls who always:
A.) have had a Valentines (in fact I've had one real one)
B.) gets flowers, chocolate, and stuffed bears from here Daddy (also only happened once)
I love Valentines' Day because I feel like it is truly a time to reflect on the important people (friend, family, loved ones) in one's life and show them that they are loved.  i feel like sometimes we live in a world where so much is going on and where we are so distracted by our jobs, to do lists, and hobbies that we forget to stop and take the time to show love in its purest form...the I love you because you are you kind of love. Now that being said and done if you are one of those fortunate ones to have a relationship kind of love on Valentine's Day that is great, but don't forget to say I love you to your single girl friends. 

Another note well more of a question....ladies when do you really know if a guy really likes you ????
I have this guy that I've been kind of talking to  ( i guess that's what you would call it) (side note i so hope he does not read this blog, lol) and i know he likes me but i don't know if he really really likes me i told him that i didn't want to date him at the moment (no he didn't ask me out before i said this to him) but my reasoning for it and this i did not tell him is that i want him to want know like want to spend time with me, want to call me, etc and not because he feels like that is what is supposed to do in a dating boyfriend/ girlfriend relationship but because he truly finds enjoyment in me......hmmm idk maybe I've been reading & watching too many romances but i feel like i deserve this....shoot i feel like we all deserve it guys and gals.  Any who I'm not gonna rush I'm gonna let it run at its own pace and hope for the best, and pray for my Happily Ever After 

 The End...LOL I couldn't help it !

Saturday, January 21, 2012

I am Me

So I've never blogged before well actually let me take that back a loooooooooong time ago I did try to do the live journal thing, but I might have only written down one entry lol.....I'm not much a journaler, but that's another story....ANYWAYS

 I have entitled this first entry as I am Me because I figured since this was the first one I might as well share me...My name is Briana Martinez  and I'm 24yrs old.  I have no qualms about the age thing and pray that I never do cuz that would be really odd considering my ridiculous fascination and love with birthdays (and Valentines day-->more on that one later) .  I'm a southern girl through and through; I was born in Texas and spent the majority of my life in the south, but this southern girl is not afraid by any means to travel as I was a military brat, well that and the fact that my mom's family lives in Cali and my dad's family is in Connecticut.

One of my friends recently described me as quirky (I looked it up) lol and i guess he is quite right, but yall will see that in time.  Hmmm maybe he thinks I'm quirky cuz i do like some random things that don't usually go together such as stillettos and cartoons lol. I love anime I've been hooked on it since I was a kid and it never went away well cartoons in general but right now I'm on an anime kick. I'm in school AGAIN getting my hopefully 3rd and last degree....why did i do this to myself im still trying to figure that out..oh yeah that's right i was tired of my job.....anywho back to the title of this entry i just I am Me cuz I am halfsie as in biracial. I am black and puerto rican and if ur a halfsie you know what i mean when I say I am Me

So thats all I'm really gonna say about myself at the moment....I hope this blog in the near future will bring you enjoyment as you get a rare opportunity to see all of me...the good, the bad, the ugly, the witty, the humorous, the yummy, etc. LOL It should be fun cuz im quite random if you couldn't tell by the picture lol